Backlisted Podcast: Beowulf episode

I was absolutely delighted to be invited back as one of the guests on the award-winning podcast Backlisted to discuss one of my favourite medieval poems: Beowulf!

I joined hosts Andy Miller and John Mitchinson, and special guest Andrew Male, for the Halloween episode of the podcast: you can listen online here.

We discussed the original Old English poem, a wide range of modern translations (including Seamus Heaney, Tolkien, Edwin Morgan, and the brilliant new version by Maria Dahvana Headley) and a number of modern adaptations and interpretations, from the 2007 Beowulf movie to John Gardner’s Grendel and much more! We also talked about Robert Shearman’s brilliant short story collection We All Hear Stories in the Dark, which I absolutely loved.

I had a fantastic time last year on the episode discussing Daphne du Maurier (available here). Thank you so much for inviting me back, the Beowulf discussion really was something special!

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2 Responses to Backlisted Podcast: Beowulf episode

  1. katehthomas says:

    That’s fantastic! I really enjoyed Andy Miller’s book, I must look out for your episodes!

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