‘Encountering The Book of Margery Kempe’, forthcoming November 2021!

My partner-in-crime Dr Laura Kalas and I are delighted to announce that our exciting new collection of essays on The Book of Margery Kempe will be published by Manchester University Press in November this year!

You can find the book on the Manchester University Press website at this link.

This is the blurb:

This innovative critical volume brings the study of Margery Kempe into the twenty-first century. Structured around four categories of ‘encounter’ – textual, internal, external and performative – the volume offers a capacious exploration of The Book of Margery Kempe, characterised by multiple complementary and dissonant approaches. It employs a multiplicity of scholarly and critical lenses, including the intertextual history of medieval women’s literary culture, medical humanities, history of science, digital humanities, literary criticism, oral history, the global Middle Ages, archival research and creative re-imagining. Revealing several new discoveries about Margery Kempe and her Book in its global contexts, and offering multiple ways of reading the Book in the modern world, it will be an essential companion for years to come.

The collection features a critical introduction by Laura and myself plus thirteen essays by leading Margery Kempe experts: Diane Watt, Liz Herbert McAvoy and Naoë Kukita Yoshikawa, Josephine A. Koster, Ruth Evans, Johannes Wolf, Katherine Lewis, Susan Maddock, Anthony Bale and Daniela Giosuè, Dorothy Kim, Sarah Salih, Tara Williams, and of course Laura Kalas and Laura Varnam.

We’re so excited to see this project come to fruition and we’re so grateful for all the hard work of the contributors (‘Team Margery’!) and the brilliant editors at Manchester University Press. Look out for Encountering The Book of Margery Kempe in November 2021!

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